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Divine Heart Connection class​

This clearing and healing energy is coming from source and it contains a wide range of Divine Love frequencies. To be able to use it for yourself or others you need to receive 9 preparatory attunements. 


Divine Love Attunement for speech and voice

  • This is a clearing of negative frequencies, thought patterns, emotions and other toxins that are stored in your mind, emotions or physical body and effect how you communicate with others. When you activate this attunement regularly you start to speak less but communicate more, your voice gets charged with Divine Love frequencies, your clairgustance abilities improve. Can be sent to others​

Divine Love Attunement for the eyes​ and gaze

  • This clearing not only improves your sight but also enhances your visual awareness, enabling you to see more Divine beauty, compassion, and love in your life. When activated regularly you will be able to send healing Divine Love frequencies through your eyes. Since this clearing works on your third eye as well, your clairvoyance ability will improve. Can be sent to others.​

Divine Love Attunement for the ears​ and hearing

  • This is a clearing that helps you to hear the underlying reasons of negative, toxic speech. It enhances your auditory awareness and enables you to listen more and with compassion. Activating regularly helps to improve your hearing and clairaudience ability. Can be sent to others​

Divine Love Attunement for the brain​

  • This is a clearing of negative frequencies, thought patterns stored in the brain that effect how you perceive your reality. It helps to silence your mind and improves meditation experiences and connects you to transcendental consciousness. When regularly activated telepathy and clairsentience abilities may improve. Can be sent to others​

Divine Love Attunement for Miasms in our DNA​ 

  • This is a clearing and healing of negative and toxic frequency residues that are embedded in your DNA originating from ancestors. When activated regularly you may improve your physical health, ease allergies, and unlock hidden talents. Can be sent to others​

Divine Love Attunement for all cells in our body

  • Our cells represent the holographic structure of the universe. Negative frequencies can affect this Divine functioning of our body, which is in constant renewal and motion. Water, which makes up 70% of our body, also records the frequencies that affect us in its memory. These records can be concentrated in various organs of our body and cause diseases. This Divine Heart healing, which cleanses our cells of toxins and negative emotions and thoughts, helps our body to maintain its perfect functioning. 

Divine Love Attunement for our DNA and Hologenetic memory

  • This attunement repairs damages due to external sources in our DNA structure and creates a protection. While it neutralizes any negative effects caused by EMF and other types of radiation, drugs, or medical processes it also protects our hologenetic memory. In our hologenetic memory, all information about creation is stored as well as information about our whole being including spiritual goals and abilities.   

Divine Love Attunement for our Soul Blueprint

  • This attunement, which heals our energy bodies, works, especially on our spiritual layer. It connects our physical body and our reality consciousness and helps to manifest our soul purpose and spiritual abilities 

Divine Love Attunement for our Perception of Time

  • It makes it easier for us to realize that time is an illusion. It allows us to focus on the present and realize the countless potentials in every moment we are living in. It heals the stress we experience due to the perception that time is limited. 

Divine Heart Connection attunement and the Divine Heart Ray

  • After receiving the nine preparatory attunements, you receive the Divine Heart Connection attunement which you can activate any time to refresh and strengths your connection to the Divine Heart energies and balance chakras and meridians. ​Every time you activate this attunement heavy, toxic burdens that take space in your heart are cleared and the more these toxins are cleaned the more your heart opens up to the Divine Heart energies.

  • During this attunementast you also get the ability to create the Divine Heart Ray which enables you to send out Divine Heart energies to any person, place and or topic.​


The Divine Heart Connection is a very beautiful system. I feel very lucky to be able to receive training and therapy from our esteemed teacher Özden Öke.

- İlkay -
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